Dr. Demento

The Doctor is…IN!
Dr. Demento, legendary host of the wacky, informative and extremely popular Dr. Demento Show is now available for live engagements. For over four decades, millions of  adolescents have had their ears glued to the radio to sop up every minute of the two hour Sunday night visit to the land of Dementia. Now these ex-adolescents are all computer millionaires. They not only buy tickets, they endow performing arts centers. Perhaps the one thing that is missing from their lives is an occasional helping of Dr. Demento’s greatest hits – “Fish Heads,” “Shaving Cream,” ” The Laughing Record,” “Purple People Eater,” most of Tom Lehrer and a little “Weird Al” Yankovic, the Doctor’s greatest discovery. Perhaps they would like Dr. Demento to search his 250,000 record collection and present the few numbers he couldn’t play on the radio? Or maybe lecture on Frank Zappa or the roots of the Beatles?

“I need to listen to the Dr. Demento Show like a paramecium needs to translocate. If it were not for Dr. Demento, at this very moment I would probably have a real job.”
– MTV Star “Weird Al” Yankovic

“Dr. Demento has single-handedly kept my songs alive for many years, so naturally I cherish his impeccable taste in humor.”
– Tom Lehrer, satirist emeritus

“Dr. Demento lent us the first authentic blues and folk albums we ever heard when we were still teenage microbiologists. Without his influence we might still be studying translocation in paramecia.”
– John Ullman and Irene Namkung, Artist Managers

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